The Channel Islands' Longest Running Music Festival

25th August 2024

Noon - Midnight




Tue May 24th


Sat August 25th
Sat August 18th
Tue May 22nd
Wed January 31st



Tue October 11th
Thu August 25th
Fri August 12th
Mon August 1st
Tue May 3rd
Tue March 22nd



Sat July 4th 2015
The Vale Earth Fair is bringing Falenizza Horsepower over from Jersey for a fundraiser at the Fermain Tavern next Friday (10 July) for a double...
Fri June 19th 2015
Not more on line ticket sales I'm afraid, but there are tickets for tonights gig available on the door - its gonna be a cracker!
Fri April 17th 2015
The Skints, Vin Garbutt, and Liberation Day - three big gigs for us in the next couple of months. Tickets for The Skints and Vin Garbutt Gigs are...
Thu April 2nd 2015
Living Legends The Jungle Brothers to Headline Vale Earth Fair 2015 This year’s Vale Earth Fair, which takes place at the Vale Castle on Sunday...
Thu March 12th 2015
This March sees a flurry of fundraising activity for the annual Vale Earth Fair music festival, with three events on consecutive nights at the Thomas...
Tue January 20th 2015
First fundraiser of the year is on Saturday 31st January at the Fermain Tavern - the Vale Earth Fair presents Unplugged. 8 acts on two stages with...
Tue November 4th 2014
Vale Earth Fair Rock-Out at Christmas Dead Sea Skulls return to Guernsey following their triumphant performance at this summer’s Vale Earth Fair for...
Tue October 14th 2014
The dust has settled at the Vale Castle now and its time to come out and play again starting with the annual John Peel Tribute night which takes...
Sat August 2nd 2014
The line up for this year's Vale Earth Fair is complete - see the back of the poster for the full running order for all the stages and tents, and the...
Mon June 9th 2014
Live Dance Act Freestylers to Headline Vale Earth Fair 2014 This year’s Vale Earth Fair, which takes place at the Vale Castle on Sunday 24th August,...