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Mellow Star to Headline Beach Life 2011

News story posted on: Wed, 18th May 2011
Mellow Star to Headline Beach Life 2011

Mellow Star has been confirmed for Beach Life 2011.  Here is a bit more info on their sound and ethos:

Mellow Star: The flowering of musical talent that is the brainchild of songwriter, producer and artist Theo Clarke.

The Sound is part of the DNA of the collective, according to Theo, who traces his passion for music back to first hearing the Reggae and Dub sound systems of St Pauls Carnival in his youth. He cut his musical teeth during an apprenticeship with the now-legendary Coach House studios in Clifton; in Bristol.

Theo is committed to pushing the musical boundaries. Were not just reinventing the wheel we want to take the music in new directions. Theo cites influences as diverse as Hip Hop, Jazz, Reggae, World, Classical and film music, and from the outset his ethos has been that the music should form the centre around which a creative collective could grow.

Combining the talents of and a dazzling team of musicians, singers, Mellow Stars unique sound is the result of an evolutionary, but truly shared, process that continues through all the stages of composition - lyrics, instrumentalisation, backing vocals right up to and including the first live performance:

The first time you play something live, with that buzz and energy, its like hearing it for the first time, and you can always learn from that. Mellow Star have been creating and honing their atmospheric, soaring sound at festivals and local venues for just over a year now, The Mellow Star experience, visual, dramatic, soulful and above all musical, is coming to a venue near you very soon.......