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Record & CD Fair #2 is next fundraiser

News story posted on: Wed, 3rd Jul 2013
Vale Earth Fair Record & CD Fair Fundraiser

Vale Earth Fair Record & CD Fair

The Vale Earth Fair Collective is appealing for donations of records, CDs and other music related items for a Record and CD Fair which takes place on Saturday 13th July at the Inner Market in St Peter Port.

Maybe you have a box of old records gathering dust in the attic – if so, the Vale Earth Fair will more than happily take them off your hands to raise money towards this summer’s Vale Earth Fair - the Channel Island’s longest running music festival.

Previous events have proved popular not just for those buying, but also as social events for those with an interest in music. If you have any unwanted records, CDs, DVDs, music books , etc. you would like to donate to help raise funds for the Vale Earth Fair please email or call 07781 107698 . Collections can be arranged.

The Record and CD Fair will also feature live acoustic music and refreshments for those browsing for a bargain of lost classic, and runs from 10am until 4pm. If you would like to sell Records, CDs or other music related items, please email Rob - Tables are £10 for one, plus £5 for each additional table.

Money raised from this event will go towards funding the Vale Earth Fair which takes place on Sunday 25th August. Profits from the Vale Earth Fair are donated to the Burma Campaign UK, Free Tibet, and Bridge2Haiti.