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1st Fundraiser of 2018

News story posted on: Wed, 31st Jan 2018
VEF Unplugged

Vale Earth Fair Unplugged

A night of acoustic(ish) music from some of Guernsey's finest musicians, the Vale Earth Fair’s sixth unplugged event takes place on Saturday 3rd February at the Fermain Tavern.

Sticking with the same format, it will feature non-stop live music from eight different acts on two separate stages, with the wonderful Graham Duerden doing the introductions on alternating stages.

Doors open at 7pm and its £5 entry - all proceeds go towards the Vale Earth Fair

There is an awesome line-up this year, with the running order for the night is as follows:

20:00   The Cor Damme Lars

20:30   Savage Sons

21:00   Between The Signs

21:30   Buffalo Huddleston

22:00   Ramblin’ Nick Mann

22:30   Sugarslam

23:00   Blue Mountains

23:30   The Space Pirates of Rocquaine

Preparations are already underway for this year’s annual Vale Earth Fair music festival, which will take place at the Vale Castle on Sunday 26th August. The Vale Earth Fair is supported by the Guernsey Arts Commission.