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Dead Sea Skulls at the Tav - tickets on sale now

News story posted on: Tue, 4th Nov 2014

Vale Earth Fair Rock-Out at Christmas

Dead Sea Skulls return to Guernsey following their triumphant performance at this summer’s Vale Earth Fair for a post Christmas party at the Fermain Tavern on Sunday 28th December, filling the entertainment void between Christmas and New Year.

Birmingham’s hottest new act the Dead Sea Skulls will headline with support comes from local acts Sugar Slam, To the Woods and Coastal Fire Department. Since the Vale Earth Fair the Dead Sea Skulls have been gigging in LA and London, and recording new material, as well as catching up on other projects. There are more gigs lined up for them between now and Christmas before lead man Ashley Sheehan heads off for The Twang’s pre Christmas UK tour in December.

“For those that missed them at the Vale Earth Fair, be sure not to miss out this time – they well and truly smashed it!” said Vale Earth Fair Collective member Rob Roussel. What you see is what you get with the Dead Sea Skulls - hard punk riffs and infectious melodies which ooze from their tracks such as the single, "I Wanna Buy A Rolex,” which was unleashed in March this year (check out the video on You Tube).

The Dead Sea Skulls were born in 2012, the brainchild of brothers Jimi and Nick Crutchley and made whole by renowned percussionist Ash (who also drums for The Twang). Their sound is loud, gnarly, raw, passionate, and radio friendly enough to push them to the forefront of new music – which is where they are rapidly heading. Grandmaster Ash, a wizard on the drums with strong, deep vocals, plays front and centre. Coupled with Jimi & Nick on bass and guitar, the band’s live show is a visual and aural riot that is full of energy and impossible to tear yourself away from.

E-Tickets for the Earth Fair post Christmas party are available now from here for just £10. Buy now to avoid disappointment!

The Vale Earth Fair will also be providing acoustic music and refreshments at the annual Record and CD Fair at Blanchelande College on Sunday 23 November (10am - 4pm) – another date for your diary! Blue Mountains, Ramblin' Nick Mann, and the Secret Smiles are confirmed - more to be announced.