The Channel Islands' Longest Running Music Festival

25th August 2024

Noon - Midnight


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Burma Campaign UK

The Burma Campaign

Burma, a country of around 50 million people is ruled by fear. A military machine of 400,000 soldiers denies a whole nation its most basic rights.

Burma is ruled by one of the most brutal and corrupt regimes in the world - millions of men, women and children in forced labour. One and a half million refugees within Burma's borders, with around 1800 political prisoners. 50,000 child soldiers - more than any other country in the world.

Burma is also the world's largest producer of illegal opium.

The Burma Campaign UK campaigns for human rights and democracy in Burma. BCUK works for the freedom of all the peoples of Burma regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or age. We provide analysis to the media and government, and we lobby and campaign to improve government and commercial policy on Burma. The Burma Campaign UK is the only national organisation in the UK dedicated to campaigning for human rights and democracy in Burma.

For more information please visit The Burma Campaign website: